Through our years of experience, we can fulfill your individual customer requirements efficiently and solution-oriented.

  • feeding technology
  • ventilation equipment
  • Controllers for storage, silo and grain drying plants
  • Science of measuring and control engineering
  • system visualization
  • PLC programming

Feeding technology / mixing plants

Weighing system and weight measurement

The weight detection of the mixing plant via arranged on the mixer load cells, usually a three-point support is taken into account in order to gain an accurate weight behavior can.

User interface Touch Panel

Navigation is done by tapping on the panel surface. Simply touching with your finger ensures easier menu navigation. Through the various arrangements or through visualized images, the customer should learn at a glance how he can operate the machine.

visualization construction

In order to be able to cope with the user interface as simply as possible, it is important that the handling of the visualizations is easy to use.

SMS Alarms

The alarm can be issued not only by a warning unit, but also by an SMS via the mobile phone. We have controllers that have a GSM / GPRS unit from which you can send SMS directly. This has the advantage that the customer can be alerted isolated (telephone reception is required). If there is a fault at the mixing plant, he will be notified by SMS on his mobile phone. The SMS alerting was programmed by Phönix Contact and was integrated into the mixing plant as a finished component.


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