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Company History

In 1998, Christian Marquart founded the company Elektro Technik Marquart after successful apprenticeship at the company Elektro Papst (in the city of Haag) and further work in the automation department of the company Chemserv (Chemiepark Linz).

The first independent steps began in the parents' home: The office was housed in the basement and the workshop in the car garage of the father. In 2002, the company relocated to the premises of Spedition Wagner due to lack of space, where sufficient spatial and infrastructural possibilities existed for offices, common areas, storage rooms and workshop area. The company location demanded for optimal conditions for further expansion.

ETM - Gewerbe, Industrie

Current status

However, after 10 years in this office, the location became too small and the ETM GmbH moved in the summer 2013 to the current seat in Steyrerstraße 51,3350 Haag.

Now we have enough storage, office and garage space. In addition, the new company building also offers space for an electronics shop.

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