About Us

Our history

After successfully finishing his apprenticeship at Elektro Papst (in Stadt Haag) and collecting experience at Chemserv (Chemiepark Linz) Christian Marquart founded Elektro Technik Marquart in 1998. Everything startet in his parents’ home – the office in the cellar and the workshop in the car garage.
In 2002 the company moved to a building near Spedition Wagner which offered ETM primarily space but also satisfying infrastructural facilities. All together the circumstances provided a possibility for continuous expansion.

Status Quo

After 10 years of operation out of this location got it too small and the ETM GmbH moved to today’s office in Steyrerstraße 51, 3350 Haag, in summer 2013. The new building does not only offer enough place for storage, office or garages but also for an electronic shop which supplies the Mostviertel with flat screens, mixers, washing machines, kitchens or further cooking ware. All that on 200 m² and supported by friendly people always giving you fair and knowledge advise. More here!